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Pure Essential Oils
Made in Powell Wyoming

Handmade Bath bombs, Energy Sprays, and Essential Roll-on Oils that are non-gmo, dye-free, use organic ingredients and are locally created in Powell, Wyoming.

Providing the best Bath Bombs in Wyoming

Lavender and Vanilla Bath Bomb

Handmade Bath Bombs

Our bath bombs do not contain dyes or toxins. 95% of all ingredients are Certified Organic. 100% of our ingredients are non-GMO and are without seven of the major food allergies. Any tint to our products occurs from flowers and herbs that are locally grown and then harvested

Lavender and Cedarwood Energy Spray

Energy Sprays

Most air fresheners are riddled with dyes and chemicals that can cause respiratory distress or are simply overpowering with the pretend smell of berries or tropical waves (what does that even mean?). Just spray around you, on you, in cars, offices, furniture, and feel how the mood shifts!

Cinnamon and Cardamom Roll-On

Essential Oil Roll Ons

Each blend is hand-created to generate a symphony of benefits! Every product is anti-inflammatory and tailors to address common issues. We have blends that assist with digestion, focus, sore muscles, migraines, anti-anxiety, a boost of energy, and a calm and relaxing feeling!

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All products are beta-tested and go through a rigorous testing process.


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Intuitive Readings

Book an Appointment for our Intuitive Guidance Service that offers a fresh and accurate perspective to validate your experiences while providing key insights to the road ahead by using divine energy to drive the session.

In this 60-minute reading, you will receive a photo of any cards used, and a synopsis of the reading.

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Kind Words From Our Customers

I already know I have the best customers anyone could ask for. If you’d like to leave a review or see more reviews, visit my Facebook page and feel free to follow too!

The energy sprays are fabulous. My husband tends to be negative around the holidays and I tend to be overwhelmed. The energy sprays calm the the entire house down so we can enjoy the holidays.

Sabrina K.


I wanted a ‘just because’ gift for a coworker and Emily provided a unique, individualized, quality gift without much direction from me…. in fact, I was jealous of the gift wishing I was the receiver! Highly recommend!

Janis H.

Retail Management

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