5 Ways to Self-Heal Your Body and Mind in Just 10 Minutes

For centuries, ancient Eastern medical models were focused on energy. That’s because human bodies can self-heal. You can observe your body’s capacity to repair itself as you recover from an injury or wound. Self-healing isn’t difficult at all. Try channeling your body’s energy and use your thoughts and feelings to alter your energy frequency. It’s like switching channels from a pessimistic news channel to your preferred comedy series and feeling comfortable with that switch.

Your day should proceed in a unique direction to ensure you embrace ease, breeze, and even “magic” into your life. A strong intention can change your life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Read on and spend the next five minutes to practice yourself. Here are 5 simple steps to self-heal your body and mind.

1. Sit Comfortably and Be Mindful of Your Breath

Newsweek AMPLIFY - 5 Simple Ways To

No need to adjust your breathing pattern — just pay close attention to the flow — inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. No decision, no change — just observe. This is done to make you feel like you are living in the “present” and avoid any mind-boggling thoughts from intervening in your mind for the next few moments.

2. Keep Your Hand (Palms Together) in Front of You and Rub Them Rapidly for 30-60 Seconds

Let your hands get warm from friction, and try to feel the warmth. Put a thin smile on your face as you rub your hands and make the most of this time about yourself. Smiling itself is soothing and can change your mood within seconds.

3. Hold Your Hands 6-8 Inches Away From Each Other, Facing Each Other and Feel the Flow of Energy

This energy has always been there. All it needed was the very briefing of your intention and awakening your consciousness. You feel this energy, channeling inside you. Remember: that’s part of you. Stay positive—doesn’t it feel fantastic?

4. Close Your Eyes. See If You Can Transfer Energy Into Your Body

Newsweek AMPLIFY - 5 Simple Ways To

There’s no such thing as the “wrong way” of doing it. You can try to awaken your body’s energy with your intention to feel and heal your body and mind.

See if you can transfer the energy through some part of your body. You can experience tension or illness while doing so. Hold it there — understanding you are giving your body love and “healing energy.” When you feel like you’re losing contact with sensing the energy, rub your hands together once again.

There’s no judgment involved and there is no wrong way of doing it. Imagine the energy in a way that suits you the best. Maybe you just want to experience it, or maybe you want to imagine it as a white light — if that’s the easiest way for you! Play with this move and smile while doing it.

5. Keep Working With This Surge of Energy

Send the energy to various parts of your body. Observe how it feels entering different parts.

This energy will strengthen those parts that normally bring pain — feel grateful for finally realizing this innate ability. Feel the calming strength of the body’s parts. Greet your body for waking up to this consciousness and healing. Working with this energy flow for only ten minutes will bring a sense of joy and peace you might have thought impossible just minutes before.

Now question yourself, how did it feel? When you first feel this energy you will be amazed by the fact that this energy was present in your body all along yet you had no idea about it.

In just ten minutes, you can alter your energy flow and condition. You will heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Can Your Body Really Self-Heal?

The human body was born to heal. From renewable cells to emotional healing, the body can self-heal in several ways. You can learn to improve your innate self-healing abilities by learning to channel your body’s energy.

The energy healing experience is special to any person who attempts to try it. Most people who have experienced energy healing describe it as calming, comfortable, and physically friendly. However, if you are thinking of experiencing the energy-healing process, you should be ready for energy shifts and mood swings in your body.

5 Incredible Ways to Self-Heal Your Body and Mind in Just 10 Minutes (newsweek.com)

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