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What is Intuitive Guidance?

What is intuitive guidance? Days like today remind me of the power of clarity, balance, and deep and unwavering faith that Spirit leads the way. I find that many people sometimes miss the truth of what my work is; they mistake it for a straightforward psychic reading, or they see it as some magical yet somehow implausible crystal ball. They struggle to connect the dots on how Spirit guidance is the foundation for personal awareness, deep soul connection, and peace in times of uncertainty. This fact becomes even more apparent when I compare how people approach their private intuitive coaching with me concerning the group work we do in Declutter the Mind (DTM). Folks avoid Declutter, but that’s the healing they actually need.

Here’s how Declutter the Mind: 5 Days to Spiritual Clarity is designed to benefit the evolving soul:

  1. Provides an access point to modern spirituality in a way that feels more relevant than group therapy.
  2. Helps you to discover more language for your emotional landscape and the source of your triggers.
  3. Promotes freedom of thought and provides structure and the “how-to” as you begin to shift your mindset and change your actions to create a more intentional life.
  4. This week-long intensive opens the door to real-time intuitive guidance, a proven method of processing emotions, and circumstances that would otherwise leave you stuck in a rut.

Honestly, Declutter The Mind is sometimes more authentic than the 1:1 because your energy does not hold the session hostage with expectations. In the 1:1 sessions, people are more guarded because they are committed to what they want to hear and the validation they expect to receive, and that shifts in a group setting.

Also, we never truly understand what we are signing up for with intuitive guidance. Most of us haven’t differentiated between a psychic reading, intuitive guidance, and an Akashic Records Reading. All three can serve us in different circumstances, but we have to be clear on the benefits of each and where we are on our journey before we dive in without clarity. 

Intuitive guidance is a connection to infinite wisdom that presents a resolution to your circumstances in out and of this specific life incarnation. In using guidance as an extension of your spiritual practice, you can get the clarity you need to connect to both your inner and outer child, understand more about what’s getting in the way of forward movement, and become more connected to your soul’s purpose and navigate your relationships with ease. 

My approach to intuitive guidance for others has always been through the Akashic Records because it provides a very clear direction to healing and clarity. Psychic readings are what the average person believes all forms of spiritual guidance are; a place where we can bring forth a myriad of aimless questions to satisfy our problems while assuming that asking questions is fostering a sense of spiritual connection. And, for some of us, this is as far as our beliefs will carry us into the spiritual realm. 

To further define a psychic reading, allow me to present a question that falls in this area of spirituality: “Who will win the presidential election?” This question is aimless because while the outcome will affect your life; however, it will not directly affect your soul’s journey or your soul’s purpose. You will not experience more or less soul growth based on this decision. When you consider it like this, it becomes as frivolous as it truly is. Now, a better– soul-centered framing of this question would be: “In the current political race, how does the outcome provide me with an opportunity to fulfill an element of my soul purpose”? Such a question shifts us away from a broad and non-transformative question to a spirit shifting mindset that opens us up to our journey.

Intuitive guidance can show up in many different forms and be filtered through many spiritual modalities. When I think of intuitive guidance, I definitively consider the empathic aspect of guidance, the feeling. Many psychics are not empathic, which means they can experience clairvoyance or clear visions absent of feeling the experience they are allowed to view spiritually. Intuitive guidance can occur with or without the vision and can undoubtedly be aided by divination tools such as a pendulum, tarot cards, crystals, or any other object that the guide connects with; however, it requires more soul than the traditional psychic reading. 

Let me take this time to clarify what an Akashic Records reading is as well. An Akashic Records reading is a session that connects to a specific realm of consciousness to retrieve information related to soul-level growth. In this realm, our language must shift from a distracted place of random questions to a clear focus on the aspects of ourselves where we seek to change. In this realm, we are allowed to get the “how-to” on our soul’s existence. Consequently, we must connect with this kind of a session as a healing place and seek it out with the expectation to receive and grow from the experience.  

What I have learned is that we fear our deepest truths.  

While we want to connect with spiritual guides that can seek sincerely for us and be the vessel for our most sacred spiritual messages, we want to control the process. I find that people resist the intensity of the process yet forget to acknowledge their issues’ intensity. This avoidance occurs, especially with those that are avoiding a mental health diagnosis. Let me break it down for you the same way I did for a recent client. A mental health diagnosis is as of much importance as a physical diagnosis. If you were to break your toe, you would be in immense pain and seek treatment immediately. When we have a mental health issue, we are almost always as much as the broken toe; it just manifests differently. As we exhaust ourselves because of our inability to focus, or as we are overcome with worry, insecurity, and constant approval-seeking due to severe anxiety, it becomes equally as problematic as the physical injury. Yet, as is pertains to mental health, we are deterred by the stigma when we should be encouraged by the outcome of any available treatment. 

Another thing I’ve learned is that people talk too much as a form of distraction in life. 

Regardless of how people come to me, there is a sense of urgency when they arrive that drives the belief that their problems can be solved immediately. Trust me when I say everything cannot be solved in 60 minutes, especially when most people put all their effort into being closed off in their emotions instead of actively listening. This scenario begs the question: “Do we even know what active listening is?” I’ll answer that for you, no. We don’t know because, to listen actively, you must first be willing to acknowledge the value of silence. Instead of waiting for our turn to speak, we must be silent without expectation — a skill that many of us must continuously work on and develop. 

This is where intuitive guidance is critical, but the way you approach it is equally as important. By this point, I hope you feel encouraged and not discouraged. We are all on a journey, and intuitive guidance is the key to staying on the path. I invite you to join me next week for five days of Declutter the Mind. Come and experience the transformation you so deeply desire. Move through your fear and find your purpose. 

“If you are ready to embark on a soulful journey to the ultimate truths, to harness light for the greater and universal good? Then schedule some time with me, and let’s see if we can travel this road together.”

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